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Who is this man?

Ski racer, Motorbike rider, Snowboard Designer, Singer, Song writer?


The Founder of Red Dot Extreme has a history of Looking “outside the square” and has a passion and talent for finding better ways of doing things.It all started in the late 70's and early 80’s while Stuart Biggins was a ski racer who represented Australia at an international level.Looking for better high-performance snow ski equipment Stuart focused on Snowboards and became a designer and manufacturer for Quicksilver worldwide.

Whoaaa… Hold on there!
I’ll take it from here guys…
Hi, I’m Stuart Biggins, and yes I have done those things. I am known from my early days as a singer and song writer which is still one of my passions. Barbara Streisand even wanted to use one of my songs, but her manager got in the way.
I come from a small town just out of Melbourne called Berwick and I love this part of Australia. I’m just a local guy at heart.
I have represented Australia in Skiing but I also love other sports such as Enduro andMotocross. It is a very physically demanding sport and requires a very high level of mental and physical fitness.
It is a battle against a number of elements that cannot be controlled by the rider, and for me, it is the most exciting sport to be a part of, and watch.
As a motorbike rider and a ski racer (and a snow board designer) I have been given a great insight into goggle design and the materials used in manufacture of sports equipment.
This has compelled me to find a solution to the many problems faced by riders and skiers with their goggles.
The new Magnotec and Magnoforce Goggles came about from my becoming sick and tired of not being able to clean my goggles while out in the bush riding. Having to take off my gloves and trying to be careful not to get my fingers all over the lenses while taking them out of the frame.
Then becoming even more frustrated after scratching and damaging the lenses while putting it back in the frame.
I decided to work on a solution that would fix those problems, and the solution I eventually discovered inadvertently fixed a plethora of other issues like fogging at the motocross starting gate and increasing the viewing range of the goggle.
This adventure had me travelling through several different countries and having conversations with professional riders such as David Knight, Daniel Milner, Alfredo Cantero, Blake Gutzeit and Aaron Gungle.
THIS cost me an unthinkable number of hours and sleep coming up with the perfect solution. My long term goal is to be a part of the motor cycle industry and help in the challenge of finding new ways to improve the whole motorcycle riding experience through discovery of better equipment.
At the end of the day I am still just a local guy who hates being manipulated by politicians and the media and whose values are being honest, helping others where and whenever I can.
Being a role model for young people striving to be their best. I am know as a full-on Crazy guy with a big heart!